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Title: Join the VM-Pass Living Lab

Date1: 24 June 2014.
Time1: 10.00 CET

Date2: 26  2014
Time2: 14.00 CET


Facilitators: Anthony F. Camilleri (EFQUEL), Anne Christine Tannhauser (EFQUEL), and Dénes Zarka (EDEN)

Short description of the event:

The concept of open learning recognition describes the act of certifying open learning, and allowing for the portability of those certifications between different types of educational institutions.

The seminar serves as an opportunity for interested institutions to receive information on:

The event will give participants the chance to clarify any questions they have as to conditions for joining.

Would you have any question regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact Dénes Zarka at

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The room will be technically open from 9.30 AM CET 24 June and 1.30 PM CET 26 June.

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